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Portable and practical thermometers and thermo-hygrometers for day-to-day use in applications such as pharmaceutical laboratories, data centers, research laboratories, industrial kitchens, air conditioning, refrigerators, supermarkets, dairies, hospitals, fish farms, breweries and food industries in general.

  • Digital Thermometer TM1210

    Digital Thermometer TM1210

    The TM1210 Digital Thermometer is a simple and yet very accurate instrument for measuring and indicating temperatures within the -40 to 95°C range. With a high resolution LCD display, it is provided with a water proof ex...

  • Special Thermometers BT7xxx

    Special Thermometers BT7xxx

    The BT series of thermometers are extremelly low priced and find large application in food displays, freezers, deep oil friers, cookers, ovens, laboratories, sterilizers, industrial kitchens and in general food storage....

  • Relative Humidity & Temperature POCKET METER 8701.

    Relative Humidity & Temperature POCKET METER 8701.

    This practical and convenient pocket instrument accurately measures and displays temperature and relative humidity simultaneously. It is an invaluable companion for the HVAC technicians, laboratory researchers, food stor...