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  • AirGate-GPRS


    Applied in M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, AirGate-GPRS enables a Modbus RTU network to be monitored by more than one master. A remote master communicates using Modbus TCP through the Internet, reaching AirGate-G...

  • Electronic Indicator N320

    Electronic Indicator N320

    The N320 is a temperature meter that provides you in the frontal display the measured temperature of the sensor connected to its terminals. The temperature sensors available are NTC Thermistor, Pt100, Pt1000 and J, K, T ...

  • Portable Temperature Meters - N305 and N306

    Portable Temperature Meters - N305 and N306

    The portable thermometers models N305 and N306 accurately show in their high contrast LCD display the temperature being measured by the connected thermocouple sensor. Model N305 has one sensor input (T1). Model N306 ha...

  • Pressure Transmitter - NP300

    Pressure Transmitter - NP300

    The NP300 product family of industrial pressure transmitters features programmable range and the digital field calibration capabilities.They are offered in five basic pressure ranges: 0,1 MPa (1 bar) / 0,3 MPa (3 ...

  • Universal Indicator N480i

    Universal Indicator N480i

    This low cost and easy-to-use universal indicator can be programmed by non-experienced users. Full rangeability and a 24 Vdc output for remote transmitters are standard.

  • Temperature Transmitters TxRail

    Temperature Transmitters TxRail

    The temperature transmitter TxRail for DIN 35mm is easily programmable by user. The transmitter replaces the traditional analog transmitters with advantages, like the linearized sensor input. The input configuration an...

  • WebServer WS10

    WebServer WS10

    The WebServer WS10 is a device for data acquisition, logging and transmission. It is capable of integrating instruments and sensors to the Internet, ethernet and wireless. The inputs for data acquisition can be either th...

  • myPCProbe


    myPCProbe is a temperature or temperature and humidity sensor which connects to a PC via a USB port. From hobbyists to scientists, from simple technical tasks to complex engineering activities, myPCProbe can be an invalu...