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  • Temperature Transmitters

    Wide and versatile, the temperature transmitters suitable to almost all applications in industrial processes, with differentials such as easy configur...

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  • Humidity & Temperature

    Humidity and temperature transmitters for wall or duct applications with RS485 or wireless communication, allowing to measure and monitor the psychrom...

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  • Pressure Transmitters

    Pressure transmitters for applications in industrial processes, hydraulic or pneumatic, basic sanitation, machine manufacturers and especially in refr...

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  • IoT Sensors

    IoT sensors ready to connect to the Internet!

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  • Controllers

    NOVUS has been developing a wide range of industrial controllers for almost 4 decades, making sure your processes benefit from the most advance...

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  • Indicators

    Line of microprocessed panel indicators for industrial processes like indication of temperature, humidity, pressure, flow and other electrically measu...

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  • Timers & Counters

    Counters and industrial timers, counts on several functionalities for the most diverse applications. Fully configurable, the counter can operate with ...

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  • Data Acquisition & Supervision

    Data acquisition equipment range with several models, universal analog inputs and communication protocols available. The software line for data monito...

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  • Electronic Thermostats

    Wide range of electronic thermostats suitable to applications of heating, refrigeration with defrost, solar heating, timing and humidity and temperatu...

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  • Data Loggers

    Portable and wireless data loggers for monitoring and recording analog variables like temperature, humidity, pressure, and digital, flow pulses or ope...

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  • Wireless

    Suitable for industrial environments, the range of equipment with wireless connectivity provides the combination of conventional networks with wireles...

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  • Thermometers

    Portable and practical thermometers and thermo-hygrometers for day-to-day use in applications such as pharmaceutical laboratories, data centers, resea...

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  • Solid State Relays

    Power modules and solid state relays (SSR) that includes applications for activation of resistive or inductive loads with numerous advantages over con...

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  • Accessories

    Accessories to NOVUS products complementing the industrial automation solutions and facilitating their use in the most diverse applications.

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  • Software

    Software configuration and monitoring.

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  • Data Acquisition

    Softwares of acquisition and record of data

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