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NOVUS attends the 35th Brazil-Germany Economic Meeting


NOVUS attended the 35th Brazil Germany Economic Meeting, on November 13th and 14th at Fiergs in Porto Alegre.

Considered the most important event of the private sector bilateral agenda’s, the EEBA 2017 received more than two thousand entrepreneurs and 80 companies exhibiting. "In terms of organization and infrastructure, it was the best edition," says Aderbal Lima, CEO of NOVUS.


The main theme addressed in the lectures of the EEBA 2017 was technology, such as industrial energy efficiency, smart cities and industry 4.0. The foundation of industry 4.0 is IoT (internet of things), which provides that objects can connect to the Internet, allowing remote control of these objects and the integrated information. "For years NOVUS has been producing sensors that connect to other products, such as recorders, in an intelligent, efficient and digital way. Connection has always been the NOVUS’ world, we are more than ever on the industry 4.0 wave", says Lima. One of the highlights presented by NOVUS during the event was the recently released LogBox Connect BLE, wireless data logger, with bluetooth technology for up to three analog sensors and one digital.


"Our presence at the Meeting was an opportunity to develop business and promote products. We came to talk about connectivity and make connections, " concludes Lima.

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96% of all financial transactions are made electronically whose records are stored in large data centers. The circulation of people in these places must be kept to a minimum as they contain sensitive information for the safety of customers. Since 2014, a Brazilian bank has been using NOVUS products with this purpose, putting together a solution consisting of an AirGate Modbus, a RHT-Air and a FieldLogger, with excellent results.

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