» » Twentieth Participation In Hannover Messe Confirms Growth In Europe


Twentieth participation in Hannover Messe confirms growth in Europe

NOVUS attended Hannover Messe for the twentieth time. The trade fair took place between the 1st and 5th of April in Germany and more than 200,000 people visited the more than 6,000 exhibitors of what is considered the largest industrial technology event in the world. One of the few Brazilian companies with its own booth at the fair (only three in total), NOVUS received highly qualified visitors from all continents.

According the European market director Valério Galeazzi, the Hannover Messe is an important meeting point: "We have received distributors who visited us because their customers are asking for NOVUS brand products. This shows that the name of the company is more established and that customers are considering our products in their projects, understanding the quality of what we manufacture," said Galeazzi.

NOVUS’ CTO Marcos Dillenburg adds: "The most striking difference between this and the previous appearances is that now visitors are including NOVUS in their visitation route. Before we were discovered, today we are required".

Among the releases that most interested visitors were the DigiRail Connect family of intelligent I/O modules and NXView, an innovative HMI with high resolution screen, capacitive touch and IoT-ready.

The presence of major software companies such as SAP, Oracle, Amazon and Microsoft confirms an increasing convergence between computing and automation, showing that IoT and Industry 4.0 are no longer a trend to become a reality.

In Dillenburg's words, "it was possible to confirm that the technologies we believe and the products we develop are aligned with the technologies developed by the big players, which shows that we are on the right track."

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