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Temperature Monitoring in a Data Processing Center

The financial institution was in search to ensure temperature was maintained at appropriate levels in their Data Processing Center. The client needed to maintain constant temperature and monitoring because of problems cycling the air conditioning machines.
The NOVUS Application Engineering team collected information and system studies. Utilizing this they found the solution and carried out the project design. The team designed and mounted a control panel to control the rotation routine of the air conditioners. The panel also included a circuit diagram and operating and maintenance instructions.

The products used were:
● Delta PLC for control and alarms
● HMI display for programming system operating parameters
FieldLogger to monitor analog signals of temperature and humidity. The FieldLogger facilitates control as it is equipped with RS45 and USB interfaces to store date, retransmit values to the PLC, send messages of alarm conditions via e-mail and monitor data via Ethernet
N322RHT electronic thermostat to monitor the relative humidity of the environment.

Through these installations NOVUS has provided greater reliability in the air conditioning system for the data processing center and reduced power consumption through more rational use of the air conditioner.

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