» » Get To Know N1030, The Pid Controller That Fits In Your Pocket


Get to know N1030, the PID controller that fits in your pocket

N1030 is a compact, high-performance PID temperature controller with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Being only 35mm deep, this controller is specific to places where space matters, optimizing areas and reducing costs.

As a result of the innovative removable connector, the commissioning, and installation of the N1030 is easy and fast.

Ideal for machine and equipment manufacturers N1030 automatically calculates the most suitable PID control parameters for each process, increasing the control reliability.

It is also available in versions with timer, relay + pulse, relay + relay, standard or 24 V supply, to suit the most diverse processes.

N1030 has two outputs always available that can be configured either as control or as alarms and displays configurable in ° C and ° F.

The front panel - resistant to water jets and protected against dust – has a low profile, which gives the controller a differentiated design. Made of anti-flame material and with 3-year factory warranty. N1030 is the best choice for anyone looking for high performance and low cost.

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