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Used as DP flow switch in ventilation ducts for the control of filters and fans, and in primary and secondary control systems for the control of dampers. Precise setpoint adjustment is done through individual scale and by turning knob.

- Several ranges according to the Product Models below

- Electrical contact: 5A/250Vac SPDT; 2A/30Vdc
- Service life: >1.000.000 switching cycles
- Working temperature: -30° to 70°C
- Silicone LSR diaphragm
- Lowest turn-on pressure.: 0.2 mbar
- Hysteresis: 0.1 mbar
- Repeatibility: -+0.025mbar (0.2-3mbar); -+0.05 (0.5-20mbar); -+0,15 (10-50mbar)
- Overpressure protection: 75 mbar
- Pressure connection: 2 pipes F 6.2mm
- Electrical connection: 6.3mm lugs and PG11 gland
- Fiber glass reinforced plastic enclosure
- Protection: IP54
- Dimensions: 103 x 88 x 55mm

  • 8800099060

    HUBA 604 - Range: 10 - 50mbar

  • 8800099050

    HUBA 604 Dif. pressure Switch, 3 Aac relay out 0.5-5 mbar

  • 8800099045

    HUBA 604 Dif. pressure Switch, 3 Aac relay out 0-50 mbar

  • 8800099040

    HUBA 604 Dif. pressure Switch, 3 Aac relay out 1-10 mbar

  • 8800099030

    HUBA 604 Dif. pressure Switch, 3 Aac relay out 0.2-3 mbar

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