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  • Visualizar imagens do produto QuickTune

QuickTune is a free software tool for parameter configuration of NOVUS controllers and indicators. With its clean interface, any lay or advanced user can friendly access and modify all device functions for proper configuration. Designed for easy and quick commissioning, it provides diagnosis and monitoring resources to field technicians. More than a software, QuickTune is a tool. Furthermore, QuickTune offers the main features to meet most users and profile needs in the industry.

Minimum System Requirements: 
- Computer with dual-core 2 GHz processor or higher.
- 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended).
- Monitor and graphic card with 1280 x 720 minimum resolution.
- 1 GB hard disk space; Windows 8 or higher operating system.
- USB port.
- Network interface (to software features that require internet access).
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French.
Software Upgrade: the software provides automatic updates (Internet access required)
Communication Interfaces: USB, RS485 and Ethernet
Compatible Devices:
- Controllers: N1020, N1040, N1040T, N1050, N480D, N120, N1200, N1200HC, N2000, N960 and N3000.
- Indicators: N1040i, N1540, N1500 and N1500LC.
Configuration Modes: basic, feature, cycle and favorite (custom).
Bulk Configuration: batch configuration available for all devices with embedded USB
Report: value report of all configured parameters.
Advanced Resources: 
- Graphic ramp and soak assistant.
- Custom configuration with favorite parameters.
- Configuration conversion between models of the same family.
Diagnosis: graphics with PV, SP, and MV. Alarm, inputs, and outputs status available.
Device Management: Connected devices mapping to the network and custom devices grouping.
Device Firmware Update: available for all devices with embedded USB.
Auxiliary Resources: 
- Sending configuration file directly to technical support.
- Access to product manuals via software.

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    QuickTune controllers and indicators configuration software

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Configuration Sofware QuickTune - Flyer

Download - Configuration Sofware QuickTune - Flyer

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(PDF - 1.04 Mb)


Instruction Manual QuickTune

Download - Instruction Manual QuickTune

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(PDF - 2.43 Mb)


QuickTune Configurator

Software for configuration of N1020, N1040, N1040T, N1050, N480D, N120, N1200, N1200HC, N2000, N960, N3000 controllers and N1040i, N1540, N1500 and N1500LC indicators.

Download - QuickTune Configurator

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(ZIP - 13.01 Mb)

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