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Configuration, Data Collection and Analysis Software

NXperience is a configuration, data collection and analysis software for NOVUS wireless transmitters and data loggers. This program allows you to explore all the features and details of the devices, and communicates through USB interface, TCP-IP and NOVUS Cloud.

The NXperience is a comprehensive tool that enables graphical analysis of multiple data, alarm processing, positioning map visualization, performing mathematical calculations and reporting, and exporting data to multiple formats. It also provides device-specific diagnostics and commissioning, making testing and troubleshooting easier.
Also, through NXperience you can create, manage an account and storage your data in NOVUS Cloud.

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Instruction Manual NXperience

Download - Instruction Manual NXperience

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NXperience Installer V2.1.8.15 (12/24/2021)

This software is used for TagTemp-NFC, TagTemp-NFC-LCD, LogBox-BLE, LogBox-3G, LogBox Wi-Fi, RHT Climate, TagTemp Stick, TagTemp USB, DigiRail Connect, DigiRail NXprog, LogBox-RHT-LCD, Pressure Transmitter NP785 and DigiRail OEE.

Download - NXperience Installer V2.1.8.15 (12/24/2021)

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  • I/O modules

  • DigiRail Connect - Ethernet I/O Module

    DigiRail Connect is a versatile I/O module to be used as an extension of any brand automation system. Its rich mixed inputs and outputs offer industrial standard analog and digital signaling. The available DigiRail Connect options ensure the choice of suitable configuration for the customer application.


    Bringing the Industry 4.0 to the rail level, the connectivity of DigiRail connect allows it to be used as slave Modbus RTU device in RS485 networks or as a server Modbus TCP device under Ethernet network.


    Specially designed for harsh environments, DigiRail Connect complies with the main EMC and EMI standards, providing robustness and reliability for industrial applications.

  • DigiRail OEE - I/O module for IoT application

    DigiRail OEE is an I/O module for IoT application designed for OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) industrial systems.


    It has the main industrial approvals, in order to ensure monitoring reliability in harsh environments. Its internal memory buffer capability grants data retention and integrity in an eventual downlink, keeping the data logging seamlessly. Provided with secure MQTT protocol, DigiRail OEE transmits data natively to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, NOVUS Cloud, or any other compatible IoT cloud platform.


    The configuration software NXperience provides a user-friendly configuration interface, allowing input simulation and output forcing, locally through USB port and remotely through Modbus TCP. System diagnosis and maintenance become very easy thanks to the remote configuration and functions viewing. DigiRail OEE allows to send MQTT and Modbus TCP commands to read status and to set device parameters.


  • Humidity & Temperature

  • RHT Climate - Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

    With a wide backlit LCD and distinctive design, the RHT Climate is a relative humidity and temperature transmitter that provides highly accurate and stable measurements over a wide operating range. It calculates in real time seven psychrometric properties and all variables will be available in current or voltage retransmission or by RS485 Modbus RTU communication.


    Versatile, the device allows parameters configuration, temperature and relative humidity simulation and retransmission signal generation, useful features for fast and easy in the field commissioning through USB with NXperience or directly over the keyboard. The RHT Climate also has two digital alarm outputs and an embedded buzzer for sound alarm.

  • Data Loggers

  • LogBox 3G - 3G/2G Multi Channel Data Logger

    LogBox 3G is an IoT device with integrated data logger and 3G / 2G connectivity which allows remote telemetry or mobile monitoring solution. Data can be accessed remotely and centralized via NXperience software for Windows or via NOVUS Cloud IoT platform. Moreover, NOVUS may provide access to LogBox 3G for SCADA system or proprietary application through specific communication driver, upon request. Secure, real-time information accessed quickly and easily.


    The device has two universal analog inputs that accept a wide range of sensors. It also has internal sensors for measuring temperature, battery voltage and external sources. In addition, LogBox 3G has SMS commands and alarm alerts.

  • LogBox BLE - Bluetooth Multi Channel Data Logger

    LogBox BLE is a bluetooth data logger for up to three analog sensors and one digital. The analog channels accept direct connection of thermocouple temperature sensors or Pt100 and sensors for any other quantities with signals in current or voltage. The digital channel could either record events with time stamp, such as opening a door or counting pulses from a flow sensor.


    The logging interval of LogBox BLE is configurable, and the user can access the parameters using a desktop or notebook via USB interface  with the NXperience software or using Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth with NXperience Mobile app into Android and iOS devices. Both applications allow the configuration, download and analysis of the records.


    Since LogBox BLE is the first data logger of Connect family, it can be named as one of the best products on the market for applications that require accuracy in the recording of temperature data, such as laboratories, cold rooms, data centers, among others for requirements such as wireless technology recorder.

  • LogBox Wi-Fi - Data logger Wi-Fi

    LogBox Wi-Fi is an IoT device with integrated data logger and Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows monitoring and recording of data remotely, in facilities with Wi-Fi infrastructure. The data can be accessed remotely, wirelessly and centralized through SCADA application, cloud dashboard or by NXperience software. Easy installation and accessibility are highlights of this device.


    The device has three universal analog inputs and one digital input, that can operate as counter of pulses (flow sensor) or recorder of events (opening/closing doors). LogBox Wi-Fi has MQTT protocol to publish data into IoT brokers, Cloud or SCADA system, as well as Modbus TCP protocol to operate as slave into SCADA systems.


    The device provides uninterrupted recording of data, even in failures of power supply or wireless link, due to its 2-year autonomy backup battery. LogBox Wi-Fi can be used to comply with security requirements of FDA Regulation Title 21 CFR Part 11.

  • LogBox-RHT

    LogBox-RHT-LCD - Micro Data Logger for Temperature and Humidity

    LogBox-RHT-LCD is dual channel data loggers with built-in temperature and relative humidity sensors. They use a high quality industrial grade humidity sensor for accurate and reliable operation in applications such as transportation, food and goods storage, process auditing, pharmaceutical, HVAC and others.

    They can be easily programmed and set via a handy infrared IR-LINK 3 interface connected to a USB port under Windows® software or with a PalmOS compatible PDA IrDA interface. LogChart II software allows for logger configuration, recorded data retrieval, plotting, historical analysis and it exports data to spread sheets. In the LogBox-RHT-LCD the temperature and humidity values are shown in the digital display. You can also check on the display the Minimum and maximum recorded values.

  • TagTemp-Stick - Portable USB Temperature DataLogger

    TagTemp-Stick is an electronic temperature data logger, compact and robust, that dispenses use of cables for configuration and data collecting. Plugs directly into a USB interface of a computer with Windows® to communicate with the application LogChart II, which is the configuration and data analysis software for data loggers from TagTemp series. The TagTemp-Stick has a high accuracy internal temperature sensor and is waterproof and can operate submerged up to 1m deep.

    It is ideal for temperature recording in the transport and storage of refrigerated and frozen products, such as vaccines, blood products and food. As well has wide application in the fields of biology, chemistry, pharmacy, logistics and industry.


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