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Cooling and Heating Temperature Controller

The N321 temperature controller are used to measure, indicate and control temperature in many different systems. Accepts 4 sensors types: Pt100, Pt1000, NTC or Thermocouple J. The user can program the control action according to the application: direct action (refrigeration) or reverse action (heating). The internal 10 A relay can directly switch compressors or electrical heaters with ON/OFF control.

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- Sensor input: Pt100 (-50 to 300 °C), Pt1000 (-200 to 530 ºC), Thermocouple J (0 to 600 °C) or thermistor (-30 to +105°C)

- IP65 enclosure frontal protection

- Output: Relay SPDT: 1 HP 250 Vac / 1/3 HP 125 Vac (16 A Resisitive)

- Resolution: 0,1 °C from -19,9 to 199,9 °C

- Accuracy: ± 0,5 °C / °F ±1 digit (Pt100 / Pt1000 / Thermistor) and ±2 °C for Thermocouple

- Adjustable hysteresis

- Sampling: 1,5 per second

- Working temperature: 0 to 50 °C

- Power supply: 100-240 Vac (internal) or 12-24 Vac/dc

- Digital comunication via RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol (optional)

- Dimensions: 75 x 33 x 75mm


Flyer N321, N322 & N323

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Flyer Eletronic Thermostats NOVUS

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Operating Manual N321

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CE - D.O.C. Temperature Controllers

CE Declaration of Conformidity.

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UKCA - D.O.C. Temperature Controllers

UKCA Declaration of Conformidity

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2D Housing Drawing - N32x

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Selection Guide - Thermostat

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  • 8032101012

    N321 Pt100 Temperature controller, 1 relay

  • 8032101014

    N321 Pt100 12~24Vdc Temperature controller, 1 relay

  • 8032103012

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