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myPCProbe is a temperature or temperature and humidity sensor which connects to a PC via a USB port. From hobbyists to scientists, from simple technical tasks to complex engineering activities, myPCProbe can be an invaluable tool for on-line monitoring and data logging in school, laboratory research, machine data recording and industrial understanding.
It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use Windows software which plots  and records data, shows gauges, bargraphs and digital readouts. The USB port is accessed as a virtual serial port which makes myPCProbe compatible with any SCADA softwares with Modbus RTU driver or with any program with ASCII serial communication. Multiple units of myPCProbe can be connected to the same computer.

  • myPCProbe-RHT: For temperature and humidity measurements from -20 to +100°C and 0 to 100 %RH (also available as dew point)

  • Sampling rate: one sample every 1 or 3 seconds, depending on the programmed resolution

  • Response time: 4 s (RH) or 30 s (T) in fairly still air

  • myPCProbe-TEMP: For temperature measurements in different ranges, according to the specified sensor. Available for thermocouple types J, K, T, E, N, R, S and B and Pt100 RTD

  • Internal temperature sensor for cold junction compensation  or handle temperature monitoring

  • Accuracy: 0.2% of full scale for Pt100; 0.25% of FS ±3°C for thermocouples type R, S and B; 0.25% ±1°C for all other thermocouples; ±1,5ºC for internal temperature sensor

  • Sampling rate: 8 to 128 samples per second, depending on the A/D resolution

  • A/D resolution: programmable from 15 to 11 bits, depending on the sampling rate

  • Automatic cold juction compensation for thermocouples

  • Cable resistance compensation for Pt100

  • Computer interface: USB V1.1 Plug and Play, Virtual Serial Port driver

  • USB connection: 1.5 m cable with Type-A USB plug

  • Double communication protocol: ASCII & Modbus RTU

  • Powered by the USB bus

  • Consumption: <100 mA

  • Free Windows software provides configuration, visualization, recording and data export. Provides simultaneous communication with multiple myPCProbe and myPCLab devices

  • Data export formats: txt, xls, rtf, pdf, html, xml, dbf, csv

  • Compatible with Windows XP (up to SP2), Vista and 7

  • Custom, multipoint calibration capability to increase system accuracy

  • Operating environment (handle): 0 to 60°C, 10 to 90% relative  humidity, non-condensing

  • ABS handle

  • 8814101330

    myPCProbe Temp - 3x300 mm Pt100 temperature probe

  • 8814111610

    myPCProbe Temp - 6/3x100 mm Pt100 sharp temperature probe

  • 8814101630

    myPCProbe Temp - 6x300 mm Pt100 temperature probe

  • 8814111615

    myPCProbe Temp - 6/3x150 mm Pt100 sharp temperature probe

  • 8814101650

    myPCProbe Temp - 6x500 mm Pt100 temperature probe

  • 8814112610

    myPCProbe Temp - 6/3x100 mm K type sharp temperature probe

  • 8814102630

    myPCProbe Temp - 6x300 mm K type temperature probe

  • 8814112615

    myPCProbe Temp - 6/3x150 mm K type sharp temperature probe

  • 8814102650

    myPCProbe Temp - 6x500 mm K type temperature probe

  • Downloads


Flyer myPCProbe

Download - Flyer myPCProbe

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(PDF - 0.55 Mb)


Operating Manual myPCProbe

Download - Operating Manual myPCProbe

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(PDF - 1.01 Mb)


Software myPCLab - V1.2.2.01

Windows® 7 compatible.

Download - Software myPCLab - V1.2.2.01

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(ZIP - 2.21 Mb)


Manuel d´Instructions myPCProbe - French

Download - Manuel d´Instructions myPCProbe - French

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(PDF - 0.96 Mb)


myPCProbe Drivers (12/10/2009)

Windows® 7 Compatible.

Download - myPCProbe Drivers (12/10/2009)

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(ZIP - 4.05 Mb)


Optional RHT measuring tips

Download - Optional RHT measuring tips

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(PDF - 0.33 Mb)


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