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The Smart Thermo Box Stabilis is the perfect solution for efficient, effective and systematically monitoring the transport of pharmaceuticals, blood products, vaccines and other temperature sensitive products. It performs continuous record of temperature during the transport, the critical phase for the maintenance of appropriate temperature conditions.
It has built-in a TagTemp-NFC-LCD data logger, which allows data transfer with, only approximate a smart phone with NFC capabilities to the thermal box. A smartphone application allows viewing the temperature data and to export them to Nx Software or Excel spreadsheets (Windows™).

Thermo Box Stabilis 5
Capacity 5 liters
External Dimensions 27 cm x 19 cm x 17.6 cm
Internal Dimensions 22.3 cm x 15.7 cm x 14 cm
Weight 0.846 kg

Thermo Box Stabilis 16
Capacity 16 liters
External Dimensions 38.7 cm x 22.7 cm x 37.7 cm
Internal Dimensions 30.9 cm x 18.1 cm x 28.2 cm
Weight 1.7 kg

Thermo Box Stabilis 26
Capacity 26 liters
External Dimensions 54 cm x 27.5 cm x 33 cm
Internal Dimensions 47.1 cm x 21.4 cm x 28 cm
Weight 2.23 kg

Thermo Box Stabilis 36
Capacity 36 liters
External Dimensions 56.5 cm x 34.9 cm x 38.6 cm
Internal Dimensions 46.4 cm x 26.3 cm x 32.6 cm
Weight 5.7 kg

Thermo Box Stabilis 45
Capacity 45 liters
External Dimensions 65 cm x 35.5 cm x 38 cm
Internal Dimensions 55 cm x 29.3 cm x 31.6 cm
Weight 4.3 kg
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Operating Manual Stabilis

Download - Operating Manual Stabilis

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Operating Manual TagTemp-NFC-LCD

Download - Operating Manual TagTemp-NFC-LCD

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LogChart II Installer - V2.6.8.00 (8/31/16)

This software is used for LogBox-RHT-LCD, LogBox-RHT, LogBox-DA, LogBox-AA, TagTemp data loggers, N120DL, TagTemp-USB and TagTemp Stick.

Download - LogChart II Installer - V2.6.8.00 (8/31/16)

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