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Wireless Temperature Control for Hospitals and Laboratories


Customer's segment

Hospitals and Laboratories


Problems that the company was facing?

   The storage conditions, distribution and transport plays a key role in maintaining the quality standards of drugs, so the temperature control in refrigerators and freezers for storage of these and other related products is common in hospitals and laboratories.

These products require of constant temperature control for the certification for its conservation.


NOVUS solutions

   In cases where the installation already exists, the new NOVUS Airgate-Modbus, a wireless network interface with RS485 Modbus-RTU protocol, allows the implementation of a wireless control system, which facilitates installation system with low cost.


Applied products

In addition to the AirGate-Modbus, NOVUS offers other products of great importance for this application, from temperature sensors to full system installation.


Benefits achieved

Can be cited among many other, some of the benefits of the system:

• Real-time monitoring of temperature, sending alarm by email when temperature levels are not acceptable.
• The report generation of temperatures guarantees for the internal and external clients, the effectiveness of storage under appropriate conditions.
• Allows access to the temperature values in real time on the Intranet.



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