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Dosing control in wastewater treatment systems


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Problems that the company was facing?

   In wastewater treatment and in drinking water systems it is mandatory to correct the physical-chemical characteristics of the water by adding or dosing chemicals such as coagulants, disinfectants and alkalizing products, among others.  These chemicals are applied at some point in the treatment process, that must be constantly monitored.

   A common problem in many treatment plants is the distance between the instrumentation and the sample point of the treated effluent. The existence of long distances imply the use or large amounts of wires, resulting in power and signal losses, as well as electrical interference, risk of damage due to lightning occurrences, among other problems.


NOVUS solutions

   Our Engineering Application department designed a solution consisting of the integration of NOVUS products (AirGates, DigiRails and PLCs) for performing the wireless remote control system of a set of six dosing pumps placed 300 m away, with alarms, and the safety and redundancies required.


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