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NOVUS has the ideal data logger for each case

The TagTemp portable data loggers have been developed to monitor temperature sensitive products during transportation and storage, continuously recording the temperature and signaling any changes. They offer practicity and precision and are available in models for the most diverse needs of the client.


The models with internal temperature sensor (TagTemp-S, TagTemp-USB, TagTemp-Stick) are suitable for transport or storage applications, and should be placed into the package or cold room with the temperature-sensitive. On the other hand, external sensor models (TagTemp-NFC and TagTemp-NFC-LCD) are designed for storage applications where the data logger is outside of the package or cold room, with its sensor located close to the sensitive material.

The TagTemp-Stick and TagTemp-USB models are compact, with internal temperature sensor and fully sealed against water ingress. They have a capacity for up to 32,000 temperature records that can be easily transferred to the computer via its USB interface. The USB model is powered by a coin-cell battery that lasts one year and can be easily replaced. The TagTemp-Stick is a data logger with injected housing for full sealing and protection and is powered by a non-replaceable battery that lasts up to 2 years.


The TagTemp-NFC and TagTemp-NFC-LCD models are also compact recorders, but have the external temperature sensor, making it the ideal solution for monitoring and recording temperature inside refrigerators, freezers, vehicles and thermal boxes.

The TagTemp-NFC-LCD combines in a single product the features of data logger and thermometer of minimum and maximum, allowing the user to monitor the temperature of the sensitive material, while the history is recorded continuously. It is powered by a replaceable internal battery that lasts up to 2 years. Wireless communication brings versatility to these models. 


TagTemp-S is a low-cost data logger, which enables its use in non-return logistics operations, even though the product is reusable. It communicates wirelessly via NFC, allowing you to view the temperature history at any time on an Android smartphone, just by bringing it closer to the recorder.


Configuration and Data Download


The TagTemp-Stick and TagTemp-USB products have USB communication interface for data download and configuration on the computer through the LogChart-II software, which can be obtained free or download from NOVUS website.

Models with a wireless communication interface use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to set up and download data via the LogChart NFC app for Android (available for free on Google Play). The ease of reading using smartphones, without wiring and cables, facilitates its use in all stages and locations of the logistics operation.

With an NFC interface, you can also use NXperience software to configure and download the data through NFC interface from a PC.


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