» » Get To Know Novus Wl420, A Submersible Transmitter To Measure Hydrostatic Level


Get to know NOVUS WL420, a submersible transmitter to measure hydrostatic level

Designed for continuous liquid level monitoring in water wells, reservoirs, tanks and others, the WL420 submersible hydrostatic level transmitter is a novelty in NOVUS portfolio, providing its customers with even more complete solutions.


WL420 have IP68 protection level and be used in raw or chlorinated water and in the majority of semi-aggressive liquids. Also, WL420 detects the hydrostatic pressure in the liquid medium and transmits a 4-20 mA current signal, making this transmitter compatible with virtually all industrial devices, data recorders or PLCs.


Made with a special vented cable - to match the changes in atmospheric pressure - WL420 transmits the measured liquid level with accuracy as its error rate is 0.5% F.E. Easy to install, WL420 has several levels of measurement and allows the customer to define the cable length according to the application needs.

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