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NOVUS celebrates it's 40th anniversary

Founded on May 13, 1982, the company continues to innovate with passion and technology after four decades

Conceived in 1982 as E.C.I. (Equipamentos Científicos e Industriais), NOVUS first products were developed in the spare time of its founders, Miguel Fachin and Sérgio Zimmerman. The company, which celebrated its 40th anniversary on May 13, has had a commitment to develop technologies since its foundation and received a great recognition in February 2022, when it was nominated for the second time as a finalist in the Brazilian National Innovation Award.

Very similar to big techs such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, the organization first headquarters was a garage in Porto Alegre, in the Moinhos de Vento neighborhood. The small space did not allow the first three developers (the founders and Aderbal Lima, who would become a partner soon after) to work there at the same time

In the first year, through an advertisement in the newspaper, the company got its first customer, who remains loyal to this day. Irmãos Sanchis, a manufacturer of ovens, was the first company to sell an equipment with a temperature controller from NOVUS. At that time, the company still used the name E.C.I. A few months later, Lima led the way for the first customer who bought large volumes: Springer-Carrier, today known as Midea.

Lima, who today sits on the board of directors with Fachin, was responsible for changing the name from E.C.I to NOVUS. Besides dropping the acronym, the global expansion plans required a brand name that was easy to pronounce in different languages.

In 2018, after establishing itself in four different addresses in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, NOVUS moved to the Canoas Innovation Park, located in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre. The building has spaces designed to meet the specific demands of each area of the company. The Production area, in fact, was expanded once again in 2021 and, as a result, NOVUS production capacity tripled.

Export ratio and innovation

With operations in Argentina, the United States, and Italy and a distribution network that sells its products in more than 60 countries, NOVUS currently exports 50 % of its production. The commitment to develop its own technologies and the good reputation of the brand in the electronic devices market are strong points in the national scenario and abroad. Since its foundation, innovation drives the organization.

Technology is another important element among the pillars of the company operations. Emerging technologies for connectivity, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and Artificial Intelligence guide the product development strategy and the search for partnerships and investments in innovation. In 2019, after a year of implementing the manufacturing plant at the new address and using a unique device in its own production, the electronics manufacturer managed to increase its OEE by 10 %.

The challenge of developing and launching an original concept in the market

The celebration of four decades of development focused on automation technology also led to the launch of one of NOVUS most promising and innovative projects: N20K48 Modular Controller. Besides being the first modular controller in the global scenario, the device is also the only one with native Bluetooth connection and the patented technology for quick recognition of the modules, which was named ClickNGo.

Open Innovation

In 2020, NOVUS implemented its open innovation plans: it actively participated in innovation networks with startups and held a hackathon to implement innovative solutions in its industrial process. In the same year, it invested in the startup Vanellus Rad, which develops an innovative solution using IoT concepts for monitoring the levels of exposure of health professionals to radiation.

In 2021, NOVUS invested in the startup Hedro, which develops IoT sensors to monitor the operating conditions of machines, such as vibration, speed, acceleration, inclination, and temperature, in full alignment with the concepts of Industry 4.0.


In April, the company inaugurated its own historical exhibition to kickoff the monthlong celebrations.


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