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Discover all the ease that FieldLogger can add to your process

NOVUS sales success, FieldLogger is one of the most versatile options for data logging on the market. Its 8 universal analog inputs are software configurable, as well as 2 relay outputs and 8 digital I/O ports. Fieldlogger is at the same time powerful, robust and prepared for harsh environments.


Developed to meet the most dynamic processes requirements, its analog front-end delivers 24-bit measurement resolution. The analog inputs are capable of measuring virtually any industrial sensor, as well as mV, V or mA standard signals, all of them with high sensitivity and accuracy.  


Measurements performed by FieldLogger are stored in its internal memory and are available for retrieval through different connectivity options, be it the RS485 interface (which operates with Modbus RTU protocol and can be configured either as master or slave) or the Ethernet interface, which provides access to the equipment via browser (HTTP), FTP (client and server), sending e-mails (SMTP), SNMP, Modbus TCP and sending HTTPS / JSON data to the NOVUS Cloud.


FieldLogger incorporates 2 USB ports, one for configuration and another for connecting a pen drive to locally upload the data stored in the instrument’s internal memory. Through the USB port the user can also monitor the FieldLogger logging process on a computer. And speaking of ease of configuration, in addition to bringing user-friendly software for data collection and diagnosis, FieldLogger may come with an exclusive HMI, further facilitating the user experience with local indication of the variables.


Discover all the ease that FieldLogger can add to your process and understand why it is one of NOVUS greatest successes. Contact our Sales Team!

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