» » N1540: Novus Compact Process Indicator With Excellent Performance


N1540: NOVUS compact process indicator with excellent performance

Easy to set up thanks to the USB interface, NOVUS universal process indicator N1540 is a notable little thing: just 34mm deep, its 5-digit display allows the indication of high-resolution variables. It has 17mm high digits providing a clear view of the numbers and making it easier to read and diagnose even when operators are far from the indicator. The visual acuity added to the high sampling rate of the entrance guarantee a high performance making N1540 ideal for dynamic processes.


An important update compared to N1540 previous model is that the device now offers a 4-20 mA retransmission output. The indicator becomes I / O modules and PLCs compatible extending its functions - previously only local - for an indication that can be integrated with other systems and expanding the N1540 usage in many industry segments.


The N1540 connectors can be detached thus facilitating its installation, maintenance, and commissioning. In addition to this practicality, its compact design allows It to be used even in restricted spaces making your installation more beautiful and functional.


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