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Calibrate your temperature instrument with the quality of NOVUS Metrology Laboratory

Temperature calibration encompasses the calibration of any device used in a system that takes temperature measurements. In general, the system is the temperature sensor itself - typically a thermistor, thermocouple or platinum resistance thermometer PRT or PT-100 - and an indicating device.


NOVUS Metrology Laboratory calibrates various temperature instruments such as thermometers, thermal chambers, baths, temperature sensors, climate chambers, thermohygrometers and temperature and relative humidity transmitters.


The customer can purchase the product with direct factory calibration, ensuring that the service will be carried out with the least uncertainty and in the most suitable environmental conditions. A facility that provides savings and security for the customer.


Discover the wide range of calibration services that NOVUS Lab has to offer. Visit our website.

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LogBox-RHT-LCD - Accurate logs on the display

The LogBox-RHT-LCD data logger presents reliable and accurate temperature and humidity readings on its LCD display. In addition to providing real-time measurements, you can also check the minimum and maximum values of the acquisition period.


N1030T Time and temperature controller – Small and versatile

Do you need to control process that include temperature and time in an easy and safe way? NOVUS has the solution you are looking for: N1030T Temperature and time controller. With its small size (only 35 mm deep), N1030T is a PID controller with high performance, perfect for applications that have a limited amount of space and require practicality and cost reduction.


TxIsoRail-HRT brings international certification to DIN rail

NOVUS TxIsoRail-HRT temperature transmitter carries HART® certification, an industry standard protocol for communicating intelligent field instruments, thus enabling them for sophisticated applications in the process industry.


AirGate Modbus: flexibility, high performance and connectivity in one product

AirGate Modbus is a gateway designed to create a network of wireless sensors. It can be used as extender of Modbus RS485 network and offers flexibility and scalability for the various networks inside facilities. It has long range wireless communication, reaching up to 3200 feet.


Looking for high performance indicator?

NOVUS N1500 is a universal process indicator with a high sampling rate, which ensures high performance indication and fast reaction in dynamic processes.

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