» » Loopview’s Renewed Version Is A Practical Option For Local Indication In Different Processes


LoopView’s renewed version is a practical option for local indication in different processes

The 4-20 mA current loop indicator LoopView’s new version is available. Now, it has alarm functions and a more vivid, easy-to-view display.

Five times more accurate than the previous one, LoopView’s new version takes the process indication variable and alarms close to the sensor, allowing the operator to monitor the process status locally in real time without having to go to the instrumentation room. As the device is current loop powered, it does not require an external power source. The DIN43650 sandwich connection makes LoopView compatible with legacy installations.

The measurement range, alarms and filters can be easily configured via the LoopView's front keys, and its high-contrast display helps in monitoring and diagnosing processes in industrial environments.

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