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NOVUS again participates face-to-face in Hannover

NOVUS attended the world's largest industrial fair for the 22nd time

NOVUS attended the world's largest industrial fair for the 22nd time: Hannover Messe, in Germany. It was four busy days sharing space with Big Tech giants. The 2022 edition had the participation of only two Brazilian companies and a public of approximately 75 thousand people visiting the 2500 stands of the event.

NOVUS presented solutions aimed at Industry 4.0, including the N20K48, a new modular controller, and pre-launched the Telik family, which contains modules for remote monitoring of temperature, voltage and current for transformers and circuit breakers, and products for the electric power sector.

Considering the excellent response and welcoming of the trade fair visitors, it was possible to promote business opportunities and strategic partnerships. Thanks to interviews granted by our directors, NOVUS also had the publicity and visibility of the main communication outlets of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

NOVUS' return to the in-person event in Hannover represents a renewal of innovation in a market still shrunk by the pandemic and by the shortage of electronic components. Working on important issues, NOVUS continues to be attentive and dynamic, committed to provide innovative and efficient solutions for several segments and markets in Brazil and worldwide.

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