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Get to know TxBlock-USB

TxBlock-USB is an outstanding high precision loop-powered head mounted temperature transmitter. Flexible, it accepts several types of temperature sensors - such as a thermocouple, Pt100, Pt1000, NTC and 0-50 mV signals. The retransmission technique with TxBlock-USB allows the sensors to be used from long distance to the controller, saving cabling costs since no special cables are required.


Adding to this, the possibility of scale adjustment in the measurement range makes the TxBlock-USB a multi-purpose solution, allowing its use in several applications with one-only model, making it easier to manage and stock spare part items.


Besides, the TxBlock-USB has high immunity against electromagnetic noise because its design and certifications, increasing the reliability of the instrumentation system.


The parameters configuration can be set through USB connector, allowing the easily cloning of the same configuration for several devices.  Another benefit is the fine tune in two points of calibration curve, to fix deviation due to the change of sensor, besides the option to supply the device with an accredited certificate of calibration.


TxBlock-USB was designed with a special self-extinguished flame rating polymer, which prevents the spread of fire in case of flame ignition source near it.


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