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  • NOVUS is launching an ideal temperature data logger for logistics operations.

  • Telemetry is increasingly present in industry, where the need to know, optimize and monitor processes poses new challenges for integration and operability. The main technological trend in systems management is the use of internet connectivity, either wired or mobile, due to its portability. The number of connected devices has grown significantly in recent years, which is an evolution that further intensifies over time and as new technologies are developed.

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  • 3/31/2017

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  • One of the largest financial institutions in Brazil is now utilizing NOVUS solutions. The partnership was established to ensure temperature was maintained at appropriate levels in their Data Processing Center. The client needed to maintain constant temperature and monitoring because of problems cycling the air conditioning machines.

  • NOVUS Automation introduces the LogBox Connect family, the new line of wireless data loggers.

  • 12/22/2016

    Holiday Season

    NOVUS will be closed for Holiday Season from December 26th, 2016 to January 4th, 2017.

  • NOVUS will be closed for Holiday Season from December 26th, 2016 to January 4th, 2016. Purchase orders received until 2nd of December have priority to be shipped still in 2016 based on warehouse/stock availability


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